Success is the Outcome of Progress

Everything one accomplishes, is the sum total of the small progressions made over time. Success is part of any progress in life ,what really matters is the process that you go through while reaching the success which would make you real you.


Our existence is only as long as our Mind, Body & Spirit remain together. Its the most important faculty of our Being.With Syaxe Varsity take your Being to the highest peaks you wish for.
Getting one’s priorities right can be a daunting task for most people and often remains unaddressed most often. Syaxe Varsity can help you develop clarity of your Passion and Purpose in life.
How we relate with Self, People, our Creator & its other creations, shapes our external manifestations. These realtionship form the drivers and motivations for how we live our lives.
All that we want to acquire & grow in abundance, is possible with the right guidance and support. Be it Money, Fame, Respect, Trust, Companionship or anything else that makes us stretch our selves.

The Foundation one Day Seminar

Make Your Mark Glow

Mumbai - 15th March| Delhi - 29th March | Bengaluru - 5th April

We are Your Progress Catalysts

Syaxe varsity is motivated on drawing in people and associations to understand their complete individual and organization perspective. To be a pioneer is to definitely impact and affect the lives of different people. The fundamental plan and reason for Syaxe varsity are to advance effective life that holds a purposeful culture allowing others to find and build up their one of a kind skills and gifts to make their future.


Learning is very much important for every individual, for learning and changing our life style there is no age limit.


Just learning does not help, what we learn has to be adopted and made use in our life.


As we adopt what we learn habitually we can see changes and progress in our life.

Unsure! About Anything?

Start with Clarity about what you truly want! from life

Only a Purpose driven life is a Life LIVED

Contact us for guidance on your specific Aspiration and Challenges in life. Me might have or will suggest just the right offering that takes you to the next level.Every individual at any age needs a guidance from a coach or a trainer to have clarity,successful and a peaceful life. For more details contact us where we are happy to help you to have a successful and a progress life

Syaxe Varsity is the perfect choice for your Growth Story

Your will Reach Results. With Syaxe Varsity, be sure of getting where you want to be.

Everything that you will need to know about Progressing

1. Why am I not moving forward towards achieving my goals?

Defining goals is the simple part. Accomplishing those objectives is an entirely distinct ball game as we know in today world only action specks, to avoid all these things one need to have a strong focus and we all need a mentor or a coach who can help us concentrate on our goals and show us the path to success.

2. Why I am not able to be happy, no matter what I do in life?

First think you need to concentrate on your likes and dislikes, write it down whatever comes to your mind and start giving much preference for things that matters the most , when you have a quality life indirectly you increase the quality of life supple surrounded by you and this is the main motivation you all need.

3. How to maintain a relationship with my wife and lead a happy life?

As we were young we would see our grandparents who were so happy together and understanding even though they fight they used to do with love, and how did they maintain it? Noting but understanding each other and standing at each other’s back at every ups and down in life without doubting ones love.


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